Exploring “Canyonlands” by Sherbet Image: A Preview of the Album “ESCALANTE”


“Canyonlands,” the new piece from Sherbet Image’s “ESCALANTE” album, is a remarkable combination of comforting and experimental sounds that serves as a bridge between the commercial and exploratory sounds. From the vivacious to the depth relaxed, this song is a thrilling voyage.

The introduction is marked by the soft and mellow melody that magically charms the listeners with its mystical hypnotism. Later, in the song, “Canyonlands” seems to get rather progressive, adding an improvised groove into it, and is an element that injects energy and dynamics into it. As a matter of fact, it is a nice and soft word, which makes us feel glad and happy.

The track’s charm is partly because of the blend between its smoothness and its jazz influences. Built through the good cooperation between feeling, sound level and some other factors, the track clearly shows the exceptional skills of composition, performance and production of the Sherbet Image.

“Canyonlands” is a sample that we will be having the full experience anytime soon. The Album is the first of its kind in it its use to fuse contemporary jazz and the alternative rock world. The whole album has 11 tracks in which the experimental shades become apparent, and this enables the songs to have enigmatic improvisations.

The idiom of music legends such as Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Weather Report, Gentle Giant, and John Coltrane is found in “ESCALANTE.” Thus, the fusion between the skills of expressing ingenuity of Sherbet Image is included in this song. This weaving of skills brings with it awesome and colorful musical work that can amaze the listeners.

In “Canyonlands”, Sherbet Image pilots the listeners to their music-world that is amazing with its novel, creative and vital energy.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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