Exploring Emotion and Diversity in “Degrees of Freedom” by Clash Valian


“Degree of Freedom” by Clash Valian the master brain of Greg Merrell is a brave wander through the deepest stages of human feeling to music. With 21 compositions in total, the album extends from the braceness of a dramatic rock music to the gentleness of soft ethereal pop and the warmth of lounge music.

Most of all, Merrell’s prowess is revealed in the way he swiftly handles the 20 different instruments here and there, telling a story of his passion for music and a high level of craftsmanship, unique among others.

It is theme-rich and the songs are inspired by different sources of creativity. You can find in tracks like “Brokkr” mythology of Norse in the modern style blending with emotional turbulence of space in “Moonlander”.

The imaginary character of Clash Valian, otherwise known as Greg Merrell, is really good at composing and producing all kinds of music, no matter what it is and what manner it is. The album is a revelation to Merrell’s genius and arts with each track being subtly different from the other, just like any other classic.

The work of Clash Valian “Degrees of Freedom” is unique because it is through the use of his own vocals as the channel of expression for emotions everlasting but unspoken. While falsetto and screams blend in these ever-lasting songs, music like ” Sirius” creates a sense of longing and introspection adding more to feel the album.

Having showcase of superior vocals, seductive instrumentations, and bring-to-mind lyrics, “Degrees of Freedom”—superior work of Clash Valian—brings music to the next level, pushing over the territory of musical experimentation. Although it is quite unique in duration, the album manages to keep the unified sound, and listeners get an opportunity to immerse themselves in this journey of its atmospheric compositions and rock style.

Generally, one would say that the “Degrees of Freedom” is a progressive masterpiece that depicts Merrell’s raw skill and innovations, such that the audience will remain glued to their seats throughout the show.

Enjoy Full Album below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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