Exploring Erik Hansen’s ‘Seasons of the Wind’ EP


Erik Hansen’s latest EP, “Seasons of the Wind,” is a new wave in the music industry which applies some kind of rock ancient sound. With its traditional rock and roll sound – reminding listeners about the roaring hard rock and thrash metal from the ’70s and ’80s – this album is a unique theorem that can help us to forget about the unhealthy air of modern music industry.

Consisting of five tracks, every song on the EP embodies a different character whilst staying on Hansen’s well-known path. The first track,”If The Road,” signals some doom with the sluggish grunge anthem that unravels vividly Hansen’s deep guitar groove and alter ego lyrics. The EP gains impetus as “Send Me a Sign” releases a kind of uplifting energy through razor-sharp riffs and uncompromising lyrics, meaning that anyone exhausted by petty issues in life can get some relief

“The EP’s ballad, ‘Horizon,’ offers the listeners a moment of reflection with its acoustic tones and folk-flavored storytelling, thereby, bringing a dimension of depth to Hansen’s sonic palette. The final two numbers of the EP, “Traveler” and “Forever Dream” showcase Hansen’s brilliance as a musician with distorted guitar riffs and beautiful arrangements that leaves a long-lasting impression.

Erik Hansen

With Pamela Moore and Chris Gohde among the ones who contributed to the album, “Seasons of the Wind” is a proof of Hansen’s love for rock and heavy metal artists who emerged from the ’60s to the ’90s. Hansen borrowed some aspects from the style icons like Soundgarden, Thin Lizzy, and Black Sabbath in order to create the album that is both a tribute to the music of the past and an easy-to-hear innovation.

This rock album, “Seasons of the Wind,” which is made with technical skills and with a passion for music, deserves to be in every rock lover’s collection who wants to get a taste of the past with a modern twist. Through the magnificent mix of nostalgia and novel styles, this EP is set out to be not only a must-have in every music collection but also a significant source of inspiration for fresh creative sparks.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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