Exploring Jean Bilama’s musical journey


Born and raised in Kuwait, Middle East, Jean Bilama is a Congolese artist who wears multiple hats in the realm of music. A singer, songwriter, rapper, beat maker, and producer, Jean’s artistry reflects the depth of his personal experiences, capturing a rich spectrum of emotions within his music.

What sets Jean apart is his hands-on involvement in every aspect of the music-making process. Beyond writing and singing, he takes charge of recording and mixing his vocals and songs independently, showcasing a rare level of autonomy in today’s music landscape. For Jean, music serves as a liberating space for self-expression, allowing him to bring his thoughts to life and share profound parts of himself with the world.

Initiating his artistic journey within the confines of his bedroom in 2018, Jean initially ventured into producing hip-hop music. However, a transformative inspiration in 2021 led him to reconnect with his roots, steering his creative direction towards the production of Afrobeat music, exemplified in his release, the Zaire EP. Singing seamlessly in Lingala, French, and English, Jean’s multicultural background adds a unique flavor to his sound.

Despite being raised in Kuwait, Jean grapples with a sense of disconnection from his African heritage. He views his music as a metaphorical bridge, a means to reconnect with his homeland, Africa. Jean’s distinctive approach involves composing, recording, and mixing his songs, coupled with delivering compelling performances that resonate with authenticity and cultural richness.

Jean Bilama draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, with Michael Jackson standing out as a personal favorite. Influences also include Burna Boy, Omah Lay, Victony, and Rema. Since 2018, Jean has been sharing his original music on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. His debut track, “Soon Enough,” gained popularity on Spotify in 2018, while the following year marked the commencement of his exploration into Afro music with the release of “Serenity Pearl pt. 1.”

In Jean Bilama, we find an artist whose journey is a testament to the transformative power of music. From hip-hop to Afrobeat, Jean’s evolution reflects not only a shift in musical genres but also a deep exploration of self and heritage.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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