Exploring the Cosmic Soundscape with Leonardo Barilaro ‘Interstellar Notes’ Cover EP


Leonardo Barilaro, popularly known as the “Space Pianist,” takes his audiences on a journey beyond the Earth via his latest Cover EP titled “Interstellar Notes.” This collection of four tracks showcases Leonardo’s strong expertise in classical piano combined with his experience in the field of aerospace engineering which displays the artist’s exceptional interplay between the two resulting in a captivating fusion of music and cosmic

The EP opens with a remix of Robert Miles’ “Children”, that has sounds of the space mission due to the passion of the artist for exploration beyond the bounds of the Earth. This track does an excellent job in setting the tone of the celestial trip to come, making people curious and full of mystery.

“Wait for Sleep,” follows and it originally a composition of Dream Theatre, it is a thoughtful mediation on the bond between the Earth as a cosmic ship and the mysteries of sleep and space flights. Barilaro’s understanding opens the window for the contemplation of the actual meaning of being there in the Universe which is limitless.

Leonardo Barilaro

Next, “The True Moonlight” recomposes Beethoven’s “Moonlight sonata” by fitting the piano soundscapes with the images of the moon surface. The song is an ode to Galileo’s feat and humanity’s love for the Moon; it describes the otherworldly charm of the deep space exploration.

The EP is ended by “Space Lullaby,” a quiet version of “Intermezzo Op. 117 n.1, “improved with synth textures of other worldly feel. Barilaro’s exceptional blow-ups get to their peak in “The Real Interstellar (NASA Edit)”, where the composer honours the iconic score of the movie “Interstellar”, expressing his pursuit of authentic space-based performances.

In conclusion, “Interstellar Notes” is an exciting musical voyage that goes beyond planetary limits, urging listeners to try a cosmic journey enriched by imagination and classical music beauty that is timeless. Leonardo Barilaro’s EP is the demonstration of the soul of man to music which is a medium of reviving the emotions and imagining the unknown realms of the universe.

Stream Full EP below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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