Exploring the Musical Fusion of t.Roy & The Smoking Section: A Journey into Texappalachian Music


Singer-songwriter Ted Pearce, known for his work in middle-eastern sacred music, embarked on an alter-ego project in 2013 called “t.Roy.”

Now, alongside “The Smoking Section,” t.Roy announces the release of their fourth album, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey. This full-length album showcases a diverse range of genres and features talented musicians from various backgrounds, culminating in a unique fusion of styles that t.Roy affectionately calls “Texappalachian Music.”

Continuing the tradition of previous releases, this album enlists the talents of t.Roy’s fabulous friends who make up “The Smoking Section.” With their contributions, the album takes shape as a collective effort, combining the musical prowess of each individual to create a cohesive and captivating sound.

From Asheville, NC, to Southeast Texas, the recording process spanned different locations, bringing together musicians from various regions to infuse their distinct flavors into the tracks.

The album’s songs traverse a wide spectrum of genres, ranging from Delta Blues to Outlaw country tales. Each track offers a unique experience, inviting listeners on a journey through different musical landscapes.

From the introspective and biographical lyrics of “Dining Area” to the opening southern-rock anthem “Southeast Texas Son,” t.Roy & The Smoking Section deliver a rich tapestry of sounds and stories.

Within the album, listeners will find themselves captivated by the piano prowess of Lenny Pettinelli and the soaring vocals of t.Roy. The melodies, though danceable and catchy, retain a sense of simplicity that draws listeners in and compels them to sing along involuntarily.

The beauty lies in the seamless integration of various musical elements, resulting in an irresistible sonic experience.

The term “Texappalachian Music” aptly captures the essence of t.Roy & The Smoking Section’s sound. It represents the blending of Texan and Appalachian musical traditions, fusing elements of blues, rock, country, and more.

This unique fusion creates a distinct sonic identity that sets t.Roy & The Smoking Section apart, offering a refreshing and innovative approach to contemporary music.

Listen to ‘Dining Area’ below


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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