Exploring the Musical Journey of Perth’s Gianni Capri


Gianni Capri, music producer and songwriter with a lot of talent, comes from the beaches that are quite peaceful in Perth, Western Australia. Being a huge fan of pop music, Gianni’s musical career started at the very young age of 5, with his first instrument. In his childhood, Gianni began to get acquainted with the musical world experimenting with different melodies and lyrics.

It was not long until Gianni’s love for music production was evident. Considering how intricate the musical art of songwriting and production is, he got that soul of a song is the very core that falls beyond lyrics and melody to the sound. Armed with this knowledge, Gianni refined his production abilities, combining inspiration from artists like Jon Bellion, John Mayer and Billy Joel.

Taking the best from the pop music, Gianni started developing his own unique style. His tracks are distinguished by infectious melodies, catchy hooks and well-crafted song structures, a clear indication of his determination to produce interesting music.

Gianni is different as he is more engaged than the others in the creative process. Gianni is in the process of brainstorming the first song idea and supervising the distribution of the final wav file to streaming platforms; he is involved at every stage to see that his artistic vision is ultimately realized.

Gianni Capri is a perfectionist and believes in the notion of distinguishing musical boarders; the only thing that drives him is an urge to disrupt the pop music realm. He does this by weaving his talent and originality into a beautiful musical piece that mesmerizes his listeners.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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