Extra Time’s ‘Where Is The Light’: Shedding Light on Modern Loneliness


Brendan McNamara, the creative mind force behind “Extra Time” revels his latest work “Where Is The Light” which is the first single from the soon available album titled “Songs With Long Titles.” This fascinating track is not only supported by mesmerizing and beautiful melodies but it has a video clip (film clip) made by the artist Gabriel Gareso which is located in Sydney-Australia.

The animated feature has already been noted, as it has been approved for the reputable Berlin Lift Off Film Festival screening in Berlin, Germany from February 15 to 25. This attests to the high artistic merit and deep intimacy of Gareso’s work, equally combined to McNamara’s touching lyrics and melodies.

In the song, the theme of ‘Hikikomori’ is mentioned which is a condition of extreme social withdrawal that is constant especially among the young male adolescents in Japan. Poems of a modern loneliness and isolation are brilliantly captured in McNamara’s powerful lyrics, a theme that has an even more acute relevance for the current generation in a world where people are more connected technologically yet emotionally disconnected.

Exploiting his own experience as a video game creator and director, McNamara recounts the story of loneliness and virtual connectivity, which he brings up as a unique endpoint to the song. Loneliness and depression is still high among youth even when we are enjoying the luxury of the highest degree of connectivity. This is the phenomenon the song “Where Is The Light” is grappling the issue of.

In the process of creating the motion video clip to accompany the song, the director had to find a way of translating the emotional depth of the song while observing budget constraints. Despite this, Garesos skillfulness in the perfection of every detail and fidelity to the band’s vision allowed him to give the lyrics a visual embodiment, according to McNamara.

Captained by McNamara and Gareso, Extra Time will present the phenomenon of modern loneliness to its listeners in its audible depths, as informative as it is emotionally gripping.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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