Faith Acheampong Comes Through with “Send Me Lord”


Minister Faith Acheampong’s musical journey is a remarkable blend of cultural influences and unwavering faith. Born in Nigeria, raised in Belize, and currently residing in Arizona with her family, her roots have nurtured her passion for gospel music and worship.

From her early days in the children’s choir to becoming a worship leader at Solid Rock Phoenix, Faith’s commitment to sharing the gospel through music shines brightly.

A significant part of Faith’s musical contribution lies in her role as a worship leader and choir director at the RCCG Solid Rock Phoenix for one year. Through her involvement, she’s had the honor of collaborating with renowned gospel artists like William Murphy III, Min. Uche Agu, David & Nicole Binion, and many more.

This collective experience has not only enriched her musical prowess but also reinforced her dedication to delivering messages of hope and inspiration.

In 2018, Faith marked her entrance into the music scene with her debut single “Keep Standing.” The song echoed her personal journey of experiencing God’s unwavering faithfulness.

Following this, her EP Album titled “Purify Me,” released in May 2021, continued to showcase her devotion to spreading faith-based messages through her music.

The single “Still Loves Me,” launched in March 2023, stands as an expression of God’s unchanging and boundless love for His children.

However, it’s her latest release, “Send Me Lord,” that has taken the spotlight. This uplifting Christian song reverberates with listeners, aiming to inspire and instill hope in all who hear it.

Faith’s aspiration to share positivity, encouragement, and inspiration through her music is wonderfully encapsulated in this track. With a heart devoted to pleasing God in all aspects of her life, Faith’s ultimate goal is to make the message of Jesus known worldwide through her songs.

Faith maintains a professional role as a certified family nurse practitioner. Her family, including her husband Pastor Amo Acheampong, and their children Nhyira and Mikael Josiah Acheampong, provide the support and encouragement that fuel her journey.

Minister Faith Acheampong’s story is one of cultural diversity, unshakable faith, and a heart that beats for both healing and worship. Her music stands as a bridge between cultures, uniting listeners under the umbrella of faith, hope, and love.

Listen to her new single “Send me Lord” on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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