French Songstress Deva Tamo Releases An Evoking Track Off her Ep Titled ‘Tu M’as Dit’ Translated As “You Told Me”


Tu M’as Dit’ translated as “You Told Me” is a Afro soul inspired track off the ‘MoonLight Melodies’ Ep. As a hard worker and inspired perfectionist like songstress Deva Tamo, the title came to her when she was looking at the moon on vacation at her parents’ house.

Deva is one of those artists whose voice has a deep dimension, a satiny and warmth The uniqueness of her vocal texture lies in the delicate, cottony layer laid over her voice. This veil gives the songs sensuality, magic and emotion, as she shares the richness of her universe with her listeners. Each of her tracks is an ode to life, to the universe, to Soul and Jazz, with her signature groove and flow. Deva doesn’t pretend, she’s transparent, her emotions can be felt, yet she remains a mystery all her own.

This EP depicts human emotions like the 4 seasons of temperate climates. Each track can be associated with a season of the year. Help Me would be autumn, My Soul, winter, Heaven spring, Look at Your Love, summer. Tu m’as Dit and l’Intro the tropical seasons, La saison sèche and la saison des pluies. The melodic richness of tracks like Help me and My Soul create an artistic universe in which she scatters her musical inspirations. Throughout Moonlight Melodies, she pays homage to what she loves in life, offering listeners elegant, graceful musical subtlety. These songs, which recount bits of her life, are poetic initiations in which many will find themselves. “Like a bird that has fallen from its nest, you soon realize that your way is going to save you; like a cry in the night, you feel that this expression comes from the depths of your heart, of your soul. It’s a song of salvation, powerful in its expression, tender and sensual to the core. Juke box was your second name: you press a key and your mouth falls open, letting out a sweet rhythm. As the years go by, life has taken its toll on you, shaping you as the winds have blown, but the vital breath has stayed with you, making you even more beautiful, radiant and rich in experience, your voice sparkling as on the first day.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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