Get Familiar with Canadian Rap Act, Mjoy


Mjoy, a prominent figure in Canadian rap, started touring the province of Ontario in 2010. His stops included the University of Toronto, the renowned Cultural Arts Festival AfroChic, and the RCCG youth conferences, which were fan favorites. MJOY has been on a mission to inspire people all over the globe with a message that encourages them to dream big, believe big, and make a large global impact. In 2014, AfroChic named MJOY the most promising new talent of the year.

Mjoy overcame the difficulties of growing up in a household with only one parent in one of the most populous cities in the world, Lagos, Nigeria, after his father passed away when he was 12 years old. As a result of his reading, he was equipped with a message of hope that enabled him to pave a victorious path in his life, despite the fact that he faced the challenges of limited financial resources.

As he was growing up in a home that was full with vinyl recordings that his music-loving father had acquired over the years, he gravitated toward the sounds and lyrics that would later become hip-hop. In addition, his musical prowess has been developed from his elementary school days, when he would create songs and fearlessly rap them in front of a classroom of amazed classmates. from then, he has performed on worldwide stages in front of audiences of over 10,000 in-person attendance.

Mjoy is a captivating recording artist who has won several awards, and she presents her songs in a way that has developed through time in terms of confidence and attractiveness. In 2014, he staged his inaugural headlining event, which was completely sold out, standing side to shoulder with other generation influencers. He had a remarkable capacity to captivate an audience while emitting exceptional inventiveness and brave faith. Following this, he embarked on a trip throughout many continents.

Mjoy is now on the roster of the highly regarded global-impact Mjoy Channel, and it is here to help you fulfill your ambitions of having a worldwide influence via creative brilliance.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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