Get swept away by Steve Contino’s Uplifting Song “Storm”


“Storm,” released by Steve Contino, is dedicated to negative love and the catastrophic impact it may have, as he was driving towards the seashore and suddenly realized it. This single brings you across the roller coaster of feelings which is the hallmark of a turbulent relationship.

The very first chords generate an atmosphere that you simply can’t walk away from. The cymbals and the sharp harmonies increase my excitement to the oncoming storm. The singer’s hard and deep voice shows the pain of being with one who is as unstable as roaring thunder. The songs transmit a visual story of sailing through storms and never losing ribbons of hope.

As the song almost draws to its end, Contino humans emotions in toxic love superbly by equating his experience with driving through a storm with sunshine above your head—a brilliant metaphor of despair and hope. The intermittent of “Storm” leads to the amplification of the emotional power; therefore, the listeners can feel involved in the internal cauldron.

“Storm” is a background score that allows the audience to recognise their own emotions along with the fragility that comes with it. This song consists of the catchy tune, a decent harmonization, and the artist’s tremendously gifted voice brining out his way of self-finding and at the same time, his expression of arts.

In a period when many are taking time to examine themselves, “Storm” gives us the opportunity to look into the extraordinary and the super habitat hidden in the endless storm now. Contino’s music career did not follow a distinctive plan, but the release of his latest single “Storm” shows us that winding roads will sometimes bring us to our most important destinations.

Enjoy below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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