Gospel Music Is lagging Behind Secular Music


As we all know, Gospel music is a style of music to which Christians can relate. The emphasis of the content is therefore on Christianity, God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. Contrarily, songs in secular music cover every aspect of life. Although some secular music contains elements of the gospel music, but beats and rythms differentiate the genres.

Currently, there are now only a handful of well-known gospel musicians. Despite their enormous appeal, very few of them are well-known, and very few of them have large audiences streaming their music.

Let’s use Ghana as an example. Although Christianity is the most popular religion in Ghana, gospel music is fading.
These are some of the factors, in my opinion, that are causing the gospel music industry to decline.
I believe that Ghanaian gospel musicians’ adherence to the traditional style is one issue hurting their streamings and a factor driving away fans. When compared to Nigeria, their early adoption of the gospel was very different from what they do now, which is assisting in the growth of their number of streams. Nevertheless, they are still lagging behind the popularity of secular music. The majority of people continue to be more interested in the secular than the Nigerian gospel.

The fact that so few gospel musicians have achieved success is another reason.
There haven’t been many new gospel performers in Ghana, is it the old ones still in the spotlight. In contrast to secular music, the majority of old musicians no longer create music. We observe new artists developing various genres that aid in the evolution of the secular music industry.
Additionally, Gospel artists haven’t been releasing songs back to back. Since there is less rivalry among them, they have given in. The system currently only contains a very tiny number of gospel songs, which causes the genre to lag.

To solve this, Record labels and music producers should sign more gospel musicians and push their craft. Also the musicians too should improve upon the kind of music they do.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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