Grace & Moji, the Indie Pop Sensations, Release Empowering New Single “Sad Times”


Music duo and married couple Grace & Moji, the indie pop sensations have released a brand new single titled “Sad Times,” that is aimed at empowering and redeeming people from life occurrences that entangles them. The song is an up tempo -high energy track that delves into the perspective of self awareness, happiness, joy, pains and the use of self healing and plant medicine, Ayahuasca.

The song combines the sequence of occurrences in life that may either make one feel happy or sad. Sometimes we face hard times and sometimes we face good times and this song is a therapy that will serve as yardstick for self reflection into ones life. Also the song serves as a motivation to listeners giving them hope of of enjoying some good times ahead even if they may be passing through some difficult times.

The song writing capabilities of Grace and Moji once again reflected on this song with their distinct way of composing melodic song with pure, undiluted emotions. They have once again showed music their fans and music stans that they posses the talent of making music both profound
and playful.

The inspiration behind “Sad Times” is Grace and Moji’s experiences and inward works comprising of self-healing and plant medicine, specifically Ayahuasca. These experiences brought about “Sad times” elaborating issues of self-reflection and a rallying call for positive change.

After listening to the song a number of times, the catchy chorus lines kept on ringing in my ears and I believe it will as well lift the souls of fans and music listeners. Lines like “I see visions In the midnight hour ” “My spirit spoke and it blew my mind” “Said my life’s a mess but I can turn it around” emphasize the
song’s main theme of empowerment and redemption.

According to Grace, “Over the past few years, I’ve been through a tough time internally, navigating through a dark night of the soul, where I’ve woven in and out of deeply sad periods.”

The instrumentation of the song is fantastic combining the progression of guitar and cool blend of drum pattern to create a perfect pop sound. The vocals delivery, flow and style of Grace and Moji is incredible and the mix and mastering on the song is superb.

“Sad times” is a great song and with it infectious sound it will resonates it’s listeners and impact the lives of many.

Stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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