Haunting New Single “Stranger” Continues Series of Monthly Releases by European Electro-Pop Duo Close to Monday


Europe’s ascendant yet enigmatic electro-pop duo Close to Monday (singer/songwriter Ann and producer Alexander) continue their monthly release of catchy new singles with

“Stranger.” It’s a lush and brooding emotional and sonic deep dive into the darker dimensions of love which can compellingly pull us in more than one conflicting direction at the same time, a theme famously explored by many artists including deeply influential Joy Division, a Close to Monday favorite.

“The track delves into the shadows of [the characters’] love story, a complex dance where the desire to break free collides with an irresistible pull, creating a vortex of torment and vitality,” the band says. Elaborating on the magnetism of dysfunctional relationships, they add, “Despite their yearning to escape, each attempt only draws them back into the vicious cycle, a paradoxical realm that both torments and breathes life into their existence. The music mirrors this tumultuous relationship, offering a hauntingly beautiful reflection of the individuals’ struggle to break free from a toxic yet life-sustaining bond.”

Embodying the obsession portrayed in the lyrics, the production and instrumentation of “Stranger” and its hypnotic vocals and melody churn and burrow deep into your heart where its themes of control and freedom echo and bump against your own memories of love and loss.

The European duo consisting of singer/songwriter Ann & musical producer Alexander has been amassing a dedicated following of fans drawn to their distinct sound, seamlessly blending elements comparable to CHVRCHES and Boy Harsher while forging a musical identity uniquely their own.

Since their start, Close to Monday has already achieved impressive milestones, securing top 3 placements in the Deutsche Alternative Charts. Additionally, their music videos for songs such as “Guns” have won at international film festivals in London, Rome, and Paris. Close to Monday music is a guide for people who are on a journey, exploring themselves or the surrounding world.

The band has also unveiled their new logo: inspired by the laconic sensuality of the Scandinavian runes, CTM chose the symbols ‘kenaz’ (strength), ‘teiwaz’ (success) and ‘dagaz’ (flow of time). Since ancient times, these runes have protected wanderers from evil, shielding them on their way, helping them to find strength in desperate times.

Listen to “Stranger” below


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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