HONEY shares her story of addiction, recovery, and rebirth through her newest single


HONEY has been a busy bee writing and recording a lineup of fresh, new music. A few months after the pandemic hit, Honey’s struggle with addiction had taken a positive turn when she decided to get sober. While in recovery, Honey spent time writing, diving deeper into her faith, and focusing on the 8 dimensions of wellness, in which she was able to process her emotions and dig deeper into the root of her pain. Honey’s new music takes us on her journey of recovery, rebirth in faith, and showcases extreme emotional depth with songs like “Oh Lawd” and “Heaven Take Me”.

Her life hasn’t been the same since she rediscovered the love of our Lord. And because of His love, she has never felt so free, so alive.

She felt a strong shift in who she was as she crafted this song, pondering what this life is all about. What this music is all about. Ultimately, for her, it’s for the love of God.

This song is a vow. The start of her commitment to better serving Him and spreading His great love. And her prayer is that Heaven takes her wherever she is wanted, wherever she is needed, because she will go… and she prays that others will too.

“To the end that her glory may sing praise to Thee, and not be silent. O Jehovah my God, she will give thanks unto Thee forever.” ~ Psalms 30:12

Listen to “Heaven Take me” on spotify below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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