Immerse yourself in the vibrant fusion of tradition and modernity with “I Know I Been Changed” by Vienna Carroll & The Folk


Vienna Carroll & The Folk are adding a new component to their traditional spirituals songs as their recent single “I Know I Been Changed” unfolds with a refresh flavor of African diaspora groove. Set to be featured on their upcoming Album, “Harlem: “Afro Future Roots” is the title of this cheerful track that exudes ecstasy and fortitude.

Through its traditional folk sounds with modern zest, the “I Know I Been Changed” takes people into the realm where old world traditions and new advances meet. The song painting a beautiful mosaic of vocals accompanied with guitars, washboard, and bass generates a danceable rhythm that goes deep in one’s soul and becomes contagious. The listeners will leave with the memorable smile on their faces and the new spirit of life.

The Folks’ music made up of politically-infused blues and gospel-styled numbers with the addition of traditional notes that are reminiscent of the sound of the 19th century song. This is a unique presentation of conventional tunes which encourages the listeners to take on the memories of the known melodies in a tailored way.

One key point that makes Vienna Carroll’s songs so soulful is that she grew up with a strong connection to the Black Church and its music traditions. By doing this, she lifts up the lost legacy of the Black heroes and offer a new look on the work songs through a modern filter, such as Afro-Future Roots Music. She employs the gifted team of The Folk, comprising of: Stanley Banks – on the bass, Newman Taylor Baker – on washboard, and Keith Johnston – on the guitar, and together they all deliver these tunes with so much life and emotion.

Ultimately, “I Know I Been Changed” is not only a tune but a curiosity about how music can inspire, encourage, or unite the humankind. By marrying the old and the new, Vienna Carroll & Folk confirm a glimpse of a planet where songs of liberation from the past become anthemic for the future.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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