Introducing Honey Ribar’s Last Single of the Year: “Earthquake (Singing Your Praises)”


In the wake of 2023, Honey Ribar, the talented artist, has unveiled her final song of the year, a musical creation that she believes intimately reflects her songwriting voyage and her current place in life.

The past few months have been a prolific period for Honey, akin to a busy bee tirelessly working on writing and recording a series of fresh, new tracks. However, her musical endeavors took on a deeper significance after she confronted the challenges of addiction in the aftermath of the pandemic. Opting for sobriety marked a positive turning point for Honey, who utilized her time in recovery not just for musical pursuits but also for self-discovery.

During this period, Honey delved into her faith and concentrated on the 8 dimensions of wellness. This focused approach allowed her to process her emotions and explore the root of her pain. The result is a collection of new music that takes listeners on a profound journey of recovery and rebirth in faith. Songs like “Oh Lawd” and “Heaven Take Me” showcase the extreme emotional depth that defines Honey’s latest work.

For Honey, this latest song holds special significance as she sees it as a creation from the depths of her soul. It stands as the most genuine expression of her feelings about life, her faith, and her connection with the Divine. The pivotal moment when she surrendered her life to God marked the commencement of true living for Honey. She expresses gratitude for the trials and darkness experienced during her struggle with addiction, recognizing that they unveiled the comfort, truth, and power inherent in her faith. Feeling fortunate to be walking, living, and breathing, Honey credits the Divine for pulling her out of the metaphorical grave, out of suffering, and into the embrace of loving arms.

Honey shares her personal struggles openly, acknowledging that there are others who may be on a similar quest for joy. She emphasizes that no one is alone in their struggle, as she, too, was once navigating the same challenges until she rediscovered her faith. The new song serves as a musical narrative of her journey, a true vow encapsulating the depth of her experiences and the profound impact of faith on her life.

In a world where music often serves as a mirror reflecting the artist’s soul, Honey Ribar’s latest release stands out not just as a musical accomplishment but as a testament to resilience, faith, and the transformative power of personal redemption.

Stream On Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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