JACE and Alyko collaborated on MOVIENDO, a Latin pop song that captures the essence of a tropical romance


One of the productions of the Venezuelan singer that marks a before and after in his musical career in which the Panamanian artist Alyko collaborates

MOVIENDO is the new song by JACE CARRILLO, which is part of his upcoming album PHENOMENA. The single maintains JACE’s R&B essence fused with AFRO POP. In the words of JACE, MOVIENDO is a Latin pop song that captures the essence of a tropical romance and aims to transport the audience to a romantic date on the beach where a couple falls in love, reminding them of the artist’s Caribbean roots.

The lyrics describe the chemistry between two lovers, comparing it to salt and water, a perfect mix that is part of the entire ocean. This romantic vibe was influenced by AfroPop, following the references of other tropical artists like Yera, Ric Hassani, Rema and Omah Lay, creating a relaxing and happy feeling inside. JACE and Alyko met at JACE’s studio in Montreal and have already produced 3 songs together (Ecstasy, Intimacy and Moving). On this occasion, the result of their collaboration was brought to a new result thanks to the mix made by Jacob Lacroix-Cardinal, with the master by Felipe Tichauer, winner of 12 Latin Grammy Awards, to meet the technical standards of the music industry. MOVIENDO is the fifth release from the PHENOMENA album, which describes the journeys our hearts undertake in our interpersonal relationships, using the cosmos as inspiration.

All the songs on the album are based on JACE’s personal experiences with love. This production becomes a multicultural work between Canada, Panama and Venezuela and you can play it on all digital platforms. The artist will have a series of performances in Montreal, starting on May 25 in an acoustic format and then at Canadian Music Week in Toronto from June 5-10, making it his second appearance at the event.

Stream on Spotify below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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