JTK Releases a new lively anthem called “Jo”


Canadian musician Chijioke Okorie, stage name JTK (Josh the Killer), is making waves with his new single “Jó.” This multilingual and multicultural party rap tune with afrobeat undertones is an appealing call to dance. Explore the JTK universe and learn what prompted the creation of “Jó.”

An essential theme throughout “Jó” is the joy of dancing. The song’s spirit is encapsulated in the title, which means “dance” in the Yoruba language. It’s a rallying cry to get up and move to the infectious beat. JTK painstakingly constructed this song to appeal to a wide variety of listeners by including a variety of languages, a catchy beat, captivating vocals, and the universal theme of dancing.

The song “jó” is a combination of languages and cultures. It aims to appeal to a wide range of people by fluently switching between English, Nigerian Pidgin English, and Yoruba. The song’s lyrics gain nuance and credibility from being presented in multiple languages. In particular, Yoruba is used to honor Nigeria’s deep musical history.

The song “Jó” by JTK fuses afrobeat and rap, bringing together the irresistible rhythms of afrobeat with the lyrical skill of rap. A dynamic and exciting sound, this musical fusion is both danceable and thought-provoking. It shows how adaptable an artist like JTK is.

JTK, who was inspired to take up rapping by one of Nigeria’s best, Falz, has taken the essence of Afrobeat and given it his own spin. The infectious beats and narrative lyrics are clear signs of Falz’s influence. By incorporating his own unique style, JTK pays tribute to the Nigerian music culture.

There is more to the name “Josh the Killer” than meets the eye. His goal in creating music is to “kill” audiences by making them feel too much. A song like “Jó” that not only gets people up and moving to the rhythm of the music but also makes them feel things like joy and excitement is a great illustration of this goal. JTK’s motto, “I paint pictures with words and sounds,” is indicative of his desire to make universally accessible music.


Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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