Kathleen K, A Rising Singer/Songwriter Embraces the “Security” of Seclusion In New Song


Hailing from Asheville, NC, Kathleen K is a talented 20-year-old singer/songwriter who has already made waves in the music industry. As an independent artist, Kathleen plays both the piano and guitar and possesses an extensive vocal range, which she beautifully showcases in her heartfelt compositions.

Her latest song, “Security,” delves into the powerful mindset of finding comfort in solitude. The track explores the idea that sometimes it is better to be alone, cherishing the “security of seclusion” rather than risking heartbreak by trusting someone again. With emotive and relatable lyrics, the song aims to envelop listeners in its captivating melody, resonating with anyone who has shed tears over love’s complexities. Written and recorded in Kathleen’s Asheville home, “Security” was thoughtfully produced by Linden Str. Records.

Kathleen K’s musical journey began early, as she started singing at the tender age of two, singing along in the back of her parents’ car. Over the years, her passion for music only grew, and she became well-trained vocally in classical and musical theater styles. In the eighth grade, Kathleen wrote her first song, but it wasn’t until August of 2022 that she released her debut single, “Back Together.”

As Kathleen approaches her junior year at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, this fall, her musical aspirations continue to flourish. With her soulful and evocative voice, she effortlessly weaves stories and emotions into her compositions, leaving a lasting impression on her listeners.

Kathleen’s dedication to her craft and her ability to express raw emotions through her music have garnered her attention and admiration from music enthusiasts. As she continues to create and release her original works, there’s no doubt that Kathleen K’s star will continue to rise in the music world.

Her unique blend of vulnerability and strength in her songs is sure to connect with an ever-growing audience, making her a standout in the singer/songwriter landscape.

Stream on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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