Kevin O’Donnell’s Musical Journey With ‘Run’


Kevin O’Donnell, who is known for his songwriting and punk rock contributions, transfers this charm to his most recent single, “Run”. The track with a story emanating from the lyrics and a catchy choir, is a proof that telling stories can be done through music.

“Run” is an incredibly personal song about loss and strength. Using the experience of a line in a poem about a father’s parting words to his son during a cross-country trip in Kentucky, Kevin O’Donnell was moved by the Father’s fond wish. This was the encounter that sparked off the creative idea for “Run”; Kevin eventually translated his emotional journey into music.

The main chorus of the song repeats the line: “You want to leave this town, you don’t walk you run.” It is the guiding principle that one should grab every available chance and embrace change. It culminates in the father’s life-enriching advice which is inevitably resonant through the son’s self-realization and development process.

As a background to a profusion of fingerpicking guitar folk and country melodies, with some electrified blues/punk guitar tunes to spice it up, Run has a sound that is timeless but also contemporary; this rings true to the feelings and beliefs of the listeners.

He comes from his punk rock origins, but this single reveals a departure from his characteristically stripped-down solo acoustic/harmonica style. With the full band support Kevin offers a performance which is at the same time raw and refined, bringing out in full his power of tale-telling all the while exploring new musical territories.

This single is only the beginning of his plans to record his debut EP, so it heralds what will definitely be a captivating musical journey ahead.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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