King Tree & the Earthmothers presents “What You Feel”, the lead single from their forthcoming sophomore album


King Tree & the Earthmothers presents “What You Feel”, the lead single from King Tree & the Earthmother’s forthcoming sophomore album. This is the first single recorded and released with the lineup of Henry James (vocals & guitar), Adam Ditt (bass) and Derek Eglit (drums). Recorded at Pheasant Studios in Santa Ana, California, the song explores concepts of love, serendipity, faith and freedom in its lyrics. Sonically it is galvanized by a foundation of psychedelic fuzz guitars, thumping bass, and a driving, powerful drum groove. It also features the talents of Todd Ögren from Rival Sons on keyboards.

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About King Tree & the Earthmothers

King Tree & the Earthmothers is Henry James, Adam Ditt & Derek Eglit. Guitarist/singer Henry James (Robert Jon & The Wreck) and bassist Adam Ditt (Balto, Gethen Jenkins) met in high school and were always performing around and touring with different bands. There was a lot of chaos and inconsistency, but the constant would be after school improvised jam sessions which would inspire the name and core concept of the project. There was a certain freedom involved in performing as a trio that always seemed to spark inspiration. Over the years James would find himself working on psychedelic and progressive rock-influenced bedroom demos. Some of these can be heard on 2020’s “King Tree & The Earthmothers”, an effort performed, produced and recorded entirely by Henry James. There were various incarnations of King Tree as a live band (as far back as 2016), but the full potential of the group would not be realized until the addition of drummer Derek Eglit (Painted Wives, Pinkly Smooth) in 2021. With an undeniable and explosive chemistry, the trio became locally known in Southern California for eclectic and virtuosic live performances. They brought a collection of songs to the studio as a band in 2022 and are now preparing to release their true debut album in 2023 and hit stages across Europe for the first time in October and November.

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Barbie Edonia


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