Know More About Chyco Siméon, the renowned bassist and multi-instrumentalist


Chyco Siméon, the renowned bassist and multi-instrumentalist, emerges as a musical force uniquely blending urban jazz funk with Caribbean Afropop influences. His upcoming album, “SIMAWON,” scheduled for release on November 8, 2023, serves as a testament to his musical journey and commitment to freedom through music.

Born in Talence and of Martinican and Guadeloupean origins, Chyco Siméon’s musical odyssey has taken him from Montrouge to Martinique, Paris, and today, Spain. A self-taught musician, he has made a name for himself through his mastery of the bass, collaborating with artists like Bernard Lavilliers, Edith Lefel, and Liz McComb, among many others.

Encouraged by producer Georges Debs of Kassav’, Chyco Siméon has also ventured into composing, arranging, and producing for various artists.

Chyco Siméon’s bass work is the heartbeat of his music. For over three decades, he has shaped his sound with precision, producing a bass that is simultaneously heavy, round, and crystalline.

His fifth album, “SIMAWON,” features a fusion of influences, creating a new genre he calls “AfroPopilazz.” This style incorporates elements from African and Latin traditions, popular music, and ranges from fusion to hip-hop, belé to saina, and afro to afropop.

The term “SIMAWON” itself, derived from the Creole expression for escaped slaves who fought for their freedom, symbolizes Chyco Siméon’s commitment to liberty.

His music not only celebrates cultural freedom but also encourages individuals to embrace freedom of thought, action, and progress towards a brighter future.

“SIMAWON” features collaborations with talented musicians and distinguished guests, including Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Grégory Privat, Hervé Samb, Franck Nicolas, Paco Rivas, and others. These artists join Chyco Siméon in conveying the values of freedom and responsibility toward future generations through their music.

Chyco Siméon’s album “SIMAWON” is a joyful and eclectic journey through various musical traditions.

From the sensual bass grooves to hypnotic percussion, intimate brass, and poignant vocals, each track tells a story. Notably, the album includes personal renditions of traditional rhythms like the Mazurka, transformed with a funky jazz spirit, exemplifying the album’s fusion of cultures and generations.

Chyco Siméon’s approach to music reflects the idea of an endless continuum, where generations of artists come together to contribute to a shared musical legacy.

He embraces this concept by infusing classics with new rhythms and creating an intergenerational musical dialogue.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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