Landon Stewart Releases A New Song “About A Baby” As A Testimony to Christian Faith


In a world filled with festive jingles and merry tunes, Christian recording artist Landon Stewart introduces a heartfelt addition to the holiday season with his original song “About a Baby.” Produced under the guidance of Calvin Gann at Studio 812 in Lynn Haven, Florida, Stewart’s melodic creation emerges as a testament to his unwavering devotion to Christian music.The song carries deep and love expresung messages lyrically and a refreshing instrumentation from the piano riffs that creates a calm and relaxed feeling to sink the beauty of the song into the soul.

Stewart’s journey in music commenced at a tender age, as he nurtured a fervent love for Christian melodies. His mastery of multiple instruments and a profound penchant for composing Christian music led him to become a pivotal figure in his local youth worship band, eventually transitioning into the role of leading worship—a responsibility that honed his musical acumen.

Today, Stewart not only spearheads ministry for youth in his community but also engages with a broader audience through his social media endeavors, including his insightful podcast, “Cover to Cover.”

In Stewart’s own words, “About a Baby” transcends the material trappings of the holiday season. It serves as a poignant reminder of the true essence of Christmas—an occasion that revolves around the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, sent by God as the ultimate savior and a beacon of hope for humanity.

Stewart’s evocative rendition encapsulates the profound significance of Christmas, inviting listeners to delve beyond the superficial festivities and embrace the divine narrative of love, faith, and salvation woven within the birth of a baby in a humble manger.

Stream on Spotify below:

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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