Legendary Tech Journalist Introduces EP “Choices Are Voices”


Following the groundbreaking success of “House of the Head,” David Gewirtz returns with his latest musical venture, “Choices Are Voices,” an EP that continues to defy genres while exploring darker, more edgy themes through its innovative soundscapes. This new release promises to captivate listeners with its unique blend of electronica, worldbeat, jazz, and orchestral music, enriched by Gewirtz’s signature style of genre-bending exploration.

“Choices Are Voices” delves deep into the essence of decision-making and its impact on the human condition. The EP comprises three compelling tracks: the self-Otled “Choices Are Voices,” “The Pied Piper of Center City,” and “WisYul Dance,” each offering a distinct auditory experience that reflects the complex layers of choice and consequence.

From the introspective and haunting melodies of the title track to the intricate rhythms and poignant narrative of “The Pied Piper of Center City,” and the reflective serenity of “WisYul Dance,” Gewirtz crafts a sonic journey that resonates with the soul.

Using a wide array of instruments, from the ethereal sounds of rain sticks and flutes to the robust energy of brass sections and the digital wizardry of synthesizers, this EP is a testament to Gewirtz’s mastery over his craft.

The inclusion of natural elements like rain and thunder, alongside a rich palette of synthesized sounds and traditional instruments, creates an immersive experience that invites listeners to explore the depths of their emotions and the consequences of their choices.

“Choices Are Voices” is not only a contnuation of David Gewirtz’s musical exploraOon but a bold step forward in his artistic journey. With themes that are both personal and universal, this EP is set to become a cornerstone of his musical legacy, offering listeners a chance to experience the power of music as a mirror to the human experience.

Gewirtz’s diverse background in technology, education, and global outreach has deeply influenced his approach to music. His work in digital lifestyles informs the electronica elements, while his commitment to global outreach is reflected in the multicultural influences of worldbeat. The intricate harmonies and improvisations of jazz are a testament to his analytical mind, honed by years of writng and advising on complex topics.

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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