LOH-renzo’s “Autopilot” and the Pursuit of Dreams


“Autopilot” is the captivating third single by LOH-renzo, a talented hip-hop artist, which was released on October 13, 2023. Following the success of his hit track “Screw Loose,” this song offers listeners a glimpse into the relentless hard work and late nights that went into bringing LOH-renzo’s dreams to fruition.

At its core, “Autopilot” revolves around the concept of motivation, specifically the restless sleep that accompanies an unquenchable drive to achieve more. LOH-renzo’s ambitions are what propel him forward into the night. The track serves as an empowering anthem for dreamers who find themselves unable to sleep due to their minds constantly racing with ideas and plans. LOH-renzo himself shared, “This song is for those who can’t rest because their passion keeps them awake, fueling their pursuit of success.”

Listeners can now enjoy “Autopilot” on various streaming platforms, as it has been officially released. The song was produced by Cay Beats, mixed and mastered by Mazegotthatbeat & Alex Soltuz, and distributed by Tash Studios.

LOH-renzo, whose real name is Tamilore Keshinro, is a hip-hop artist based in Linz, Austria. The distinctive blend of UK rap with thought-provoking lyrical concepts is what sets him apart. His genres encompass UK Hip-Hop, Rap, and Trap, and he proudly carries his Nigerian heritage. From a young age, LOH-renzo fostered a passion for both writing and musical self-expression. His music effortlessly fuses the energetic vibes of UK rap with Nigerian influences, touching on themes such as self-motivation, life experiences, and his connection to the world around him. “Autopilot,” like all his songs, provides fans with a window into the artist’s mind and personal journey.

Beyond his love for clothing, LOH-renzo is deeply interested in visual art, appreciating how designers continually push boundaries with each new collection. He aspires to inspire people through his writing, encouraging them to recognize their own creative potential.

With “Autopilot,” LOH-renzo continues to captivate audiences and solidify his place in the hip-hop scene, promising fans a unique and introspective musical experience.

Stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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