Loveghost Unveils His Latest Single ‘Angelic’ Alongside a Mesmerizing Music Video


Loveghost shares a new single titled “Angelic” and it accompanied video. “Angelic” allows an insight into the dynamics of unrequited love through a slightly raw and candid lyrical tone. The song sits in a tender way as it examines the agony and aching of loving someone who may never love you back.

“Angelic” is well-written by Loveghost who combines the lyrics of the song with a tender acoustic guitar and bright piano chords, hence crafting a tender backdrop to the emotional journey communicated through the song. The artist’s voice radiates honesty, as he opens his soul and reveals that he wants to be candid with his beloved, even though there is a chance he will experience rejection. All through the song, one hears the feeling of desire and loss, as Loveghost struggles with the two-sided yin and yang of unrequited love. The lyric paints the picture of a romanticized suffering and give a beautiful and spooky details to the emotional landscape of the song.



The colorless and monochromatic video perfectly contrasts with the atmosphere of the song “Angelic” by its shots of lonesome and desolate places appearing at the same time with the desire and solitude which is so inherent to unrequited love. Together with the music and the visuals the experience becomes quite expressive and easily understood by everybody who has ever loved a person they cannot be with.

I am totally in love with the way Loveghost pulls the mood and tones of the song in his delivery. Through his performance, there is something of a captivating nature that surely binds the listener on an emotional level. The soft and calming melody coupled with the simple picking of the guitars throughout the whole song create the ambience that can be easily digested by anyone. It’s the kind of song that brings comfort and leaves you like a brand new person.

In “Angelic,” Loveghost demonstrates his aptitude to convey the intricacies of human feelings in a sincere and genuine manner. It’s a song that can penetrate into the heart and soul, reminding us that even in the times of our greatest vulnerability, there is beauty that can come from our most intimate emotions.

Watch the video below

Stream the song here.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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