Ludwigsburg singer Nadine Stockmann ignites the Olympic spirit of rhythmic and sports gymnastics with “ON FIRE”


Nadine Stockmann releases her latest hit “ON FIRE”, which will serve as the official Olympic song of the German national rhythmic gymnastics team. Versatile artist, author and composer, Nadine Stockmann immerses us in her new musical creations. As a former top athlete, she brings to her latest title not only her artistic sensibility, but also a deeply rooted connection with the world of sport. “ON FIRE” is more than just music. It is a powerful anthem that will be available on April 6, 2024 on all major streaming platforms and pays tribute to the remarkable athletes of the German national rhythmic gymnastics team. This group of young and ambitious women embody impressive performances and demonstrate unwavering team spirit in their sport.

The music video for “ON FIRE” was filmed on March 13, 2024 at the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Center in Fellbach-Schmiden. Among the participants were world-renowned athletes like reigning five-time world champion Darja Varfolomeev, individual athletes Margarita Kolosov and Anastasia Simakova as well as the entire German national rhythmic gymnastics team. This coming together of exceptional talent and aspiring young athletes illustrates the central message of “ON FIRE”: community cohesion and unwavering ambition.

The song “ON FIRE” by Nadine Stockmann tells the story of a young athlete who imperturbably pursues her dream of an Olympic gold medal. Through the powerful combination of sporting ambition and musical expression, this song not only inspires the best sporting performances, but also encourages one to pursue one’s dreams and never give up. “ON FIRE” is an anthem about community, gratitude and the unwavering desire to give your best, not only in sport, but in all areas of life.

The inspiring lyrics and catchy melody of “ON FIRE” are the work of Nadine Stockmann and Torsten Bader and were produced in the Bader Studios in Weil der Stadt.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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