Mad painter takes us back to the 70s with “Empty Bottles”


Mad Painter wakes up as a band with freshness and comes up with yet another spectacular single named ‘Empty Bottles’ which has the essence of the 1970s rock in it but comes with a twist. This band from Boston, created by the ambitious Alex Gitlin, perfectly mixes the elements of psychedelic rock with the brilliance of glam rock. Thus, with rhythm-and-drums made by Al Hendry, bass made by Kenne Highland, guitar by Al Naha, and backing vocal done by Julie Gee and Sharon Crumrine, the band sets for an original and alluring atmosphere that brings out the raw feel of music in the 70s-90s period.

Every track is characterized by a beginning; ‘Empty Bottles’ begins with a triumphant synthesizer loop that ushers into the song as a whole. The guitar lines and the drum beats are raw and mix well together providing a great base on which Gitlin croons. His voice features a blues sign all through with a passion successively strengthened by courage in the singing of the lyrics. The track represents rock and roll music of the 1970s, with all its freewheeling nonchalance and with timeliness heard in the same simple, but earnest manner.

The lyrics reflect the essence of the ‘lockdown’ season in 2020 in as much as it captures loneliness and difficulties of the period. Nevertheless, the song’s lyrics are rather dark, something that does not negate the hopeful tone and message of pushing forward present throughout “Empty Bottles. ” The synthesized bass lines are juicy and the distorted guitar riffs propel the tune forward – the call for celebration and the invitation to look into the words’ meaning.

In Mad Painter’s ability to combine nostalgia with new, listeners receive more than simply a rock track that imitates the feel of 70s rock; the listener is given a commentary on the reality of struggles in the present day. These qualities are well manifested in the song “Empty Bottles” which is evidence of the band’s ability to create songs that have strong political and socially real messages as well as the ability to write good music.

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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