March Mallow Takes Listeners on a Nostalgic “A Journey in Time” with Their New Album


Nestled in the serene Sarthoise countryside lies a small house that emits the timeless melody of “I’m a Fool to Want You.” This jazz standard, initially popularized by Frank Sinatra in 1951 and later masterfully reimagined by Billie Holiday in 1958, remains as fresh and emotive as ever.

The March Mallow quartet, composed of Astrid Velgne on vocals, Christian d’Asfeld on piano, Eric Doboka on guitar, and Thomas Ples on double bass, flawlessly captures the soul and emotion of this iconic piece.

Undertaking a piece brimming with such emotion and significance presented its challenges, as Astrid explains. Yet, March Mallow fearlessly pays homage to jazz legends Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday, both pioneers of today’s pop music and fierce advocates for civil rights in America.

With the quartet’s musical style reminiscent of a delightful and sacred candy, March Mallow’s performances offer a moment of enchantment in an ever-changing world. Their music could transport listeners to a bygone era, where a young lady evokes the blossoming March under purple flowers.

The March Mallow quartet has flourished for nearly two years, as each musician brings their diverse and rich experiences to the group, unified by their passion for rediscovering the soulful essence of 1940s jazz.

To achieve their musical vision, March Mallow makes an unconventional choice in recording their debut album, “A Journey in Time.” They opt to use a single stereo ribbon microphone, carefully arranging the musicians around it in a particular setup.

The result is an intimate and energetic sound that captures the essence and sincerity of the music. Embracing the “One Shot” recording method, everything is captured live, evoking the authentic charm of a bygone era.

The quartet’s meticulous approach includes thorough research and dedicated listening to unearth the musical writing of the past. They preserve certain original orchestral arrangements while infusing their distinctive style into each performance.

As the enchanting melodies of “A Journey in Time” transport listeners to an era filled with soul and passion, March Mallow proves that great music knows no boundaries of time.

Their dedication to preserving and reinterpreting the timeless jazz classics pays homage to the enduring power of music to unite generations and transcend time itself.

March Mallow’s album “A Journey in Time” is a testament to their artistry and love for jazz. With their unique sound and unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of the past, March Mallow invites listeners to embark on a mesmerizing journey back in time, where the spirit of jazz continues to thrive in the hearts of true music enthusiasts.

Stream Full album on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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