Mardee, a Zimbabwean artist, refers to his girlfriend as “Candy” In new song


Mardeee is a Zimbabwean artist who isn’t
afraid to experiment with style and genre. He easily traverses from cool melodic trap on songs like his 2019 single, ‘Leave My Mind’, to vibrant and grooving afro-swing on ‘RiRi’, featured on his 2020 EP, ‘Sounds Voyage Pt. 1’, to electrifying and upbeat Afrobeat 2021 single ‘Gotta Let You Know”, to exhilarating and powerful Afrobeat-Amapiano 2022 single “Come My Way
” , to smooth and luscious Afrobeat 2022 single “Overboard” , to melancholic and vulnerable Afro-Dancehall 2022 single “WAYO”. Not only is he extremely versatile in crossing genre boundaries, but Mardeee possesses a silky smooth voice that is comfortable in a multitude of cadences and
tones, perfectly complementing each and
every style he tackles.

‘Candy’ is a sweet and heavenly-sounding
Afro-R&B track featuring a smooth and well-
balanced vocal performance by Mardeee
atop a catchy instrumental that will make any want to get up on their feet and dance.
The song “Candy” speaks about Mardeee
having a great interest into this girl who has
been seeing for awhile. This girl, however, is
confused of whether she wants Mardeee or
not as all her friends and family do not
approve of them being together. Mardeee
takes it upon himself to show this girl that he is the one for her as she is “Candy
” in his eyes and will do anything to prove otherwise to everyone who places doubt about Mardeee’s true intention for the girl he is seeing.

Stream Candy in Spotify below;


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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