Merenco Teams Up with German Remixer Formwandla for a Genre-Blending Hit: “Here and Now (Formwandla Remix)”


In an exciting fusion of country charm and dance-pop energy, country musician Merenco and
renowned German remixer Formwandla has released  “Here and Now(Formwandla Remix)”This groundbreaking collaboration promises to captivate audiences with a unique blend of genres, maintaining the soulful essence of the original country track while infusing it with an electrifying dance-pop rhythm. “Here and Now” was initially celebrated for its authentic, “handmade” country vibes, deeply resonating with fans of the genre. However, with the magic touch of Formwandla, known for his innovative remixes, the song has been transformed into a club and radio-ready hit. Importantly, this transformation respects the original’s integrity, preserving the “great country feeling” that made it stand out. This meticulous approach ensures that both country aficionados and dance-pop enthusiasts can find common ground in this remix.

Merenco, with his roots deeply planted in the country music scene, expresses excitement about
reaching a broader audience through this collaboration. “It’s a thrilling journey to see our music
evolve in such a way that it not only appeals to our loyal fans but also invites those who might not
usually listen to country,” says Merenco. Formwandla, on the other hand, sees this project as an opportunity to showcase the versatility and emotional depth that electronic music can convey. “Working with Merenco on this remix has been an enlightening experience. ‘Here and Now’ carries an emotional weight that is universally relatable, and I aimed to highlight that through this remix, making it accessible to a wider range of listeners,” Formwandla explains.

The anticipation for “Here and Now (Formwandla Remix)” is high, with fans eagerly waiting to
experience this innovative blend of genres. Both Merenco and Formwandla believe that this remix
not only represents a significant milestone in their careers but also marks a new direction in the
music industry, where genre boundaries are increasingly blurred.

Stream below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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