Mike Bass’s New Release ‘Confronting Us’ Explores the Complexities of Relationships


Michigan based Acoustic Guitarist Mike Bass has released a soulful single off his EP “Branches”

The fresh melodies of this new song gently weave through the choppy waters of a relationship on the verge of collapse. While a gentle acoustic guitar serves as the backdrop, the song captures the intimate feelings that come with the realization that love may be vanishing.

The lyrics, written with artful frankness, express the doubts and introspection, which are experienced when personal parting is imminent. Examples like “I’m not sure if I have ever believed that we can make it” and “How long can we keep bending until we admit that we are growing differently?” stand for the internal conflict of two people fighting with the disintegration of their connection.

Bass’ vocal delivery adds another layer to the song, echoing every word with a raw emotion as well as vulnerability. His team work with co-producers Alara and Steven LaFashia reflects in the smooth mixing of acoustic instrumentations and sincere vocals which results in a sonic environment that soothing and stirs the soul.

There is still a sad background in the melody but you can also hear a small sense of urgency because of the necessity to face the facts. The contrast of a tranquil, folk-inspired melody and the ever present tension in the lyrics makes for an incredible musical experience that lasts throughout the fading final chord.

“Confronting Us” stands as a touchstone of love’s intricacy, which demands the intestinal fortitude to meet its inevitable challenges. With it’s introspective lyrics and sentimental delivery, Mike Bass encourages listeners to think about the complexities of human connection and the bothersome path of detaching.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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