Ms. Savyy Returns with ‘Synergy’: A Fusion of Cultures and Powerful Storytelling


Polish-born artist Ms. Savyy has captivated audiences within the Igbo community in Nigeria and the diaspora with her soulful music and unwavering advocacy against racism. After gaining recognition for her hit song “Ututu oma” and her impactful presence on social media, Ms. Savyy is back with her latest album, ‘Synergy’.

‘Synergy’ is more than just an album—it’s a representation of the combined power of two distinct cultures that influence Ms. Savyy’s life and music. Through her music, she tells a compelling life story, presented in reverse. Each track on the album is a tapestry of Igbo and Polish languages woven seamlessly with English verses, accompanied by vibrant afropop rhythms and poignant untold stories.

The title ‘Synergy’ perfectly encapsulates the essence of the album, showcasing the harmonious blend of diverse cultural influences and the strength that comes from embracing them. Ms. Savyy’s music serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty found in cultural diversity and the importance of promoting a positive attitude towards other cultures.

As listeners embark on this musical journey with Ms. Savyy, they’ll be treated to an enriching experience that transcends borders and celebrates the interconnectedness of humanity. ‘Synergy’ invites audiences to embrace the richness of multiculturalism and find common ground through the universal language of music.

With ‘Synergy’, Ms. Savyy continues to leave a lasting impact, not only through her music but also through her advocacy for social justice and cultural understanding. As her music resonates with audiences around the world, Ms. Savyy’s influence as a musician and cultural ambassador only continues to grow.

Stream Full Album below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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