Multi Talented Musician Jo Burgess Released Soul Lifting Song “When Will My Love Be Enough”


Coming out from the town of Devon in England is multi talented pop, folk and acoustic soul singer, lyricist, composer and instrumentalist Jo Burgess.
Jo has a lot of stories and experiences about love and relationships which is influence by the landscape and serenity in the town of Devon. So, she shares these feelings through her music and same has been done on her new release “When Will My Love Be Enough.”

The song is an selective blend of folk and acoustic soul, with captivating melodies, personal experiences about love and affection.
As the title goes, “when will my love be enough?” This throws a light on love relationships where one partner may feel the other partner does not cherish the efforts he or she may be putting into the relationship. At times this situation makes the relationship feel painful and one sided bringing thoughts of the relationship probably not working in the minds of partners.
The song uplifted my soul and calmed my mind and nerves after listening to it a few times.

It also highlights relationship issues and tells how much one can love the other partner by being ready to make sacrifices because of love and affection.
Jo Burgess music is truely “a window to the soul, performed with an open passion and powerful lyrics that is evocative, seductive and touches the heart.

The lyrics of “When Will My Love Be Enough?” is relatable and easy to learn and sing along considering how the song touches the soul. There is no doubt that Jo is a skillful and talented song writer and composer who knows how to rekindle the emotions of her listeners. Also the vocal delivery from Jo on the song is outstanding. Her pitch, vocal range and smoothness of singing makes the song much more appealing to listen.

The instrumental cannot be left out. The combination of the acoustic guitar riffs and piano chords sounded so refreshing and seductive enough blending with the sweet voice of Jo creating an incredible sonic experience.
The song also has a fantastic mixing and mastering, the vocals and instrumental together has clarity and precision in their arrangement, offering a quality experience when listen to the song.

“When Will My Love Be Enough?” is a great song for those in love and those searching for love. It is a song that will prepare your mind and heart to appreciate the little things and efforts from your partner in your relationship.
Every folk,soul or good music lover should get this song on their new year’s playlist. It is such a great tune.

Listen below on Spotify;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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