Mxrningstar Unveils Debut Single “Uurneesee Chi”


Mxrningstar, an alternative rock and shoegaze group, has made a significant impact on the music scene with their latest track “Uurneesee Chi.”

The group was founded in 2021 as a result of lead vocalist Azaa’s solo success. He then chose to give the idea a full band. Mxrningstar quickly rose to prominence in the music industry thanks to their distinctive fusion of catchy compositions, unrestrained energy, and incisive poetry.

Alongside Azaa’s commanding vocals, the band comprises four skilled musicians who contribute their individual talents to shape the band’s distinctive sound and this new release signifies Azaa’s transition from a solo career to leading an alternative rock and shoegaze ensemble.

Azaa’s ethereal vocals, paired with the immersive blend of alternative rock and shoegaze, establish an ambiance that is both hauntingly melancholic and uplifting.

The lyrics of “Uurneesee Chi” delve into vulnerability and introspection, providing listeners a chance to explore their own emotions. The song resonates genuinely, transcending language and cultural barriers to evoke universally human sentiments.

Mxrningstar’s debut is an indication to authenticity and artistic expression. Their sound reflects a commitment to crafting acoustic landscapes that linger long after the final notes fade away.

Through “Uurneesee Chi,” the band conveys a profound message about music’s ability to bridge divides, evoke feelings, and forge enduring memories.

In all “Uurneesee Chi” by Mxrningstar symbolizes a pivotal chapter in their musical journey. It affirms the band’s potential, introduces their sonic philosophy, and extends an invitation to join a voyage that promises to illuminate the path forward.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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