N-Fusion’s Journey in Bridging Time and Distance Through Hi-Tech Artistry


In today’s modern world of advanced technology, the boundaries of time and distance hold no sway over the creation of exquisite music. N-Fusion stands as an exemplification to this fact, proving that when a fusion of talents becomes irresistible, the resulting artistry ventures into realms that resonate with global audiences. Their upcoming debut EP, “International Connection Vol.1,” promises to illuminate the stage with music that is not just extraordinary but also profound in its depth and substance.

This dynamic duo consists of Haph Breed, a rapper, producer, and label owner based in Los Angeles, and Claire Sibley, an instrumentalist and producer hailing from Bristol, UK. Their serendipitous meeting on the internet two decades ago has blossomed into a lasting partnership. The blend of the laid-back vibes of America’s West Coast and the rich cultural diversity of Britain’s music scene has been a driving force in their collaborative efforts, owing to their dual legacies.

As an individual artist, Haph Breed has released three studio albums since 2017, including “Goin’ The Distance,” “Ira & Evan: The Legacy Continues,” and “The Masta.” His music embodies a perpetual groove of soulful melodies, a masterful lyrical flow, and a voice that harkens back to the origins of R&B and Rap. His work radiates intelligence and dexterity, befitting an artist who also leads the independent label, PBP Recordings.

Their creative synergy was sparked by their chance encounter during the early days of social media, notably on Haph’s sophomore album, “Ira & Evan: The Legacy Continues.” This album, dedicated to the memory of his late mother and brother, saw Claire contributing her sublime piano skills to four tracks, laying the foundation for N-Fusion’s inception. Their music, rooted in rap but accessible to a broader audience, engages both the mind and the spirit. With Haph crafting beats and lyrics and Claire enriching the mix with her unique musical arrangements and ideas, their 6-track EP and its accompanying lead single’s video promise to disrupt the industry in search of a new breed of artist.

N-Fusion has firmly planted their flag in a landscape where many musicians fear to tread, transcending the ephemeral pop of today’s world. Their music is intelligent, organic, and authentic, offering moments where listeners will be transported to a specific place and time, filled with remarkable ideas. Touching on themes of love, life, and humanity, their work has been well worth the wait and is sure to be cherished by fans of quality music.

In 2023, their work is poised to become synonymous with class and a testament to what can be achieved when two artists connect in the realm of the soul. Step into their world of exquisite design and immerse yourself in a space where only beauty prevails.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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