New Light brings retro vibes with their 80s-inspired dance track “Same Situations”


New Light, a digital/pop group from Nottingham, has recently let go of an excellent -yet hard – new single called, “Same Situation”. This track focuses on the ’80s subgenres and it carefully mixed classic electronic dance beats with modern themes to come up with nostalgic and contemporary.

“Same Situation” focuses on the life’s struggles in the modern times, more so to the young people who often face the daily challenge of social media ubiquity. The song covers the topic well – reflection of self and the same old turmoil of everyday life, always humming, but you are addicted to it so much that it is impossible not to listen to it again.

The lyrics of “Same Situation are both affecting and sensible, they are universal with a new approach. One of the most striking features of the song is that you can see your own life through it. This means you can relate your life to the song. Not to mention the chorus, that’s something—a hit! It has a little character of its own, and once it gets under your skin, it sticks there like glue! You catch yourself singing its tunes without being conscious hours later. An evidence of that being that its melody is good as it is cleverly put together.

New Light

The song starts with a spacey mix of synthesizers and heavy basslines at the same time, which makes the build-up catchy at once. It is precisely arranged, where every element be it from the basslines or the drums create the ambience that just doesn’t leave you until the song ends. The vocalist’s performance is another highlight of this song – calm, but powerful – it fits in perfectly with the track’s rhythm, accentuating the overall emotional aspect.

Generally, “Same Situation” I find to be a very good mixture of modern and classic electronic dance music infusing the beat with multiple levels of meaning The band did a wonderful job in portraying the atmosphere of 80s and in raising attention to the contemporary concerns at the same time that is both touching and overwhelming. It is a song that, not only makes you want to dance though but also gives you something to think about and it is a rare combination.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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