Zimbabwean Afro-fusion artist and music producer Alpha Centauri, releases Get Your Money Up”


Meet Alpha Centauri, an intriguing new singer and MC who skillfully blends various genres, including funk, hip hop, afrobeat, 90’s R&B, and 80’s retro pop, to create a swirl of conscious lyrics and catchy sing-out-loud choruses. Born as Sean Chigumba in Zimbabwe, Alpha Centauri initially pursued a legal career but soon realized that his true passion lay in music. Following his heart, he embarked on a journey to Canada to give his music career the attention it deserved.

Alpha Centauri wasted no time and quickly released a single titled “Away” in 2016, featuring fellow Zimbabwean artist Swisher, which reflected his experience leaving home. The song, produced on his apartment’s kitchen table using a 12-year-old laptop, gained recognition and was later selected as the theme for the feature film “EVELYNE,” now streaming on the Roku channel worldwide.

To further refine his craft, Alpha Centauri performed live shows alongside local hip hop artists like Moka Only, Illvis Freshly, Mo Moshiri (of Sweatshop Union), and Sirreal. During the COVID lockdowns of early 2020, he immersed himself in songwriting, honing his skills and exploring new musical territories.

The turning point in Alpha Centauri’s journey came when he caught the attention of record producer and music industry veteran Wes Smith and acclaimed mixing engineer Justin Hicks. Together, they recorded eight songs with a full band between January and October of 2022. The first single from these sessions, “I’ll Fly,” with its afro-beat flavor, was released internationally in January 2023 on all streaming platforms.

Alpha Centauri’s latest single, “Get Your Money Up,” is a funked-up anthem that encourages listeners to turn their dreams into reality by taking action and persevering. The song emphasizes the importance of putting effort and dedication into achieving one’s goals, rather than merely boasting about them. Drawing from his own journey, Alpha Centauri shares an optimistic blueprint for pursuing dreams, all while creating a captivating biographic tale of his own ambitious pursuit in the music industry.

The track features backing vocals by Zimbabwean singer Aura Ariko, DMC champion scratch artist DJ ALL GOOD, Vancouver jazz saxophonist Dominic Conway, and renowned Vancouver reggae/dub/ska musicians Cuyler Biller (guitar) and Richard Brown (drums), among others, adding depth and dimension to the music.

“Get Your Money Up” is Alpha Centauri’s second single released on the ROGUE PLANET label, paving the way for his highly anticipated debut album scheduled for release in spring 2024.

The single “Get Your Money Up” is available in four different versions: the original, a radio version with some expletives muted, an acoustic version, and an acoustic radio version with some expletives muted.

As Alpha Centauri continues to create captivating music, his unique blend of genres and conscious lyrics promises to leave a lasting impression on listeners. With his upcoming album and planned singles, he is undoubtedly a rising star to watch, making his mark in the music world and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Alpha Centauri, also known as Sean Chigumba, is a DIY Nigerian Afro-fusion artist and music producer based in New York City. His music blends genres like funk, hip hop, afrobeat, 90’s R&B, and 80’s retro pop, creating a captivating and conscious musical experience. With a legal background and a passion for music, Alpha Centauri decided to follow his heart and pursue a career in music, winning over audiences with his heartfelt storytelling and captivating performances.

Listen On Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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