Nonso Cityrock Eze’s Inspirational Single “Tochukwu”: A trip of Faith and a lot of Gratitude


Acclaimed gospel artist Nonso Cityrock Eze, with the release of his latest single ‘Tochukwu’, has moved the whole world through his song of power and hope. The song has revealed in all its glory the unbreakable faith and musical talents of Mr Nonso, delivering a message of hope, love, and gratitude.

“Tochukwu” (translation to “God bless you” in Igbo) is an uplifting song that expresses thanksgiving for the mercy and kindness of God. Nonso Cityrock Ezy’s sublime vocals harmonize with the contagious afrobeat groove that draws listeners into a divine experience of introspection, thankfulness and adulation. Through the lyrics that evoke emotions and a moving melody, “Tochukwu” is created to inspire people to hold on to hope despite all odds.

Nonso Cityrock Eze, born in Nigeria and now based in the US, combines cultures and creates music that is both ancient and modern, a sound that is current yet has touch of timeless. His commitment to distilling the message of Jesus through “Tochukwu” may be a rare one, but it makes the song stand-out in this genre of music.

As listeners delve into the song, they will definitely experience the deep emotional connection of “Tochukwu,” where the unbreakable commitment of Nonso Cityrock Eze’s faith inspires every moment of this enthralling love ballad. “Tochukwu” centers on a universal theme of love, giving thanks and being strong in times such as these, which goes beyond the imposed borders and talks to the common needs of the people to find comfort and inner fulfillment.

“Tochukwu” is now available on all major streaming services and you can also choose to download it, in order to enjoy the life changing power of music and faith. Embark on the musical journey with Nonso Cityrock Eze and get to see the appreciation and worship side of life in a totally new way.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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