Odélia Mariatou Releases ‘Tu mas releveé’ Off Her ‘Guerison’ Album


Odélia Mariatou has released a brand new song called ‘Tu ma releveé’ of her Guerison album. According to Odélia she believes The song “Tu m’as relevée” (You have lifted me up) may be used to describe the entire album.

Mariatou Ouattara is a young Ivorian woman living in Ottawa, passionate about music, gospel in particular, and the Word of God. Born of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, she was baptized in front of the church when she was an adult and chose Odélia, which means “I will praise God”, as her first name. Convinced that this was her vocation, she worked at it, joining choirs and religious singing groups in Ivory Coast and Senegal, where she lived for several years. Her journey with God was not, however, an easy one. After she made a new start in her spiritual life, she had an extraordinary experience in 2020, when she received, through the Spirit, texts and melodies of songs, telling a particular story: her own and the way she had been touched and healed by the Lord, after having met Him again. This experience is the basis for the realization of her very first music album, to be released on May 28, 2022 under the artist name: Odélia Mariatou. The album is named “Guérison” (Healing), following a personal revelation she received through John 5:5-9 and in reference to her own healing journey.

Stream ‘Tu mas reveleé on spotify below’

With its eight songs, “Guérison” aims to encourage all souls in their search for God and their relationship with Him.
These recordings are physically connected together as a prescription, in a major worship style, while providing a certain musical variety, to encourage any soul injured and/or beset by doubt to come or return to God with confidence because of the strength of His love and mercy.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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