Pau Walters takes us through his journey of Personal Struggles with “Miento”


In the rhythmic embrace of “Miento/Viento” Pau Walters crafts a Spanish G-Funk composition with a housy bassline, delving deep into the artist’s relationship with addiction. The song explores the complex dynamics of self-deception, where one lies to oneself to maintain the illusion of being on the right path.

As the lead single for the mixtape release “Avant Garde vol.1,” “Miento/Viento” sets the tone for a musical exploration that promises to captivate a diverse audience. According to 24HipHop, the mixtape ensures a multifaceted experience, offering something for every music enthusiast. It invites audiences to appreciate the rich tapestry of influences intricately woven into each track.

Described as a sonic adventure, “Avant Garde vol.1” challenges conventional norms and embraces the limitless possibilities of musical expression. Pau Walters invites listeners to join him on this journey, breaking free from traditional boundaries and immersing themselves in the uncharted realms of creativity.

With “Miento/Viento” Pau Walters not only shares a musical piece but offers a glimpse into a personal struggle, turning the spotlight on the universal theme of battling one’s inner demons. The fusion of Spanish G-Funk elements and a housy bassline adds a unique flavor to the song, creating an immersive experience that resonates with authenticity.

As audiences prepare to dive into “Avant Garde vol.1,” Pau Walters sets the stage with “Miento” inviting them into a world where the boundaries of musical expression are pushed and the intricacies of personal struggles are laid bare. The mixtape promises not just an auditory journey but a profound exploration of emotions and the boundless landscapes of artistic innovation.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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