Petra Jasmiina Captures the Beauty of a Transient Summer Love In her New Song ‘Summer Dress’


Finnish singer-songwriter and producer Petra jasmiina narrates the story of a young summer love and capture the beauty and transience akin to a breathtaking New York sunset in her new soft sound and alternative pop song titled “Summer Dress”

Petra who is well known for producing songs about dark romance themes and is recognised for her poetic storytelling does it right on this new song too.

“Summer Dress” portrays the end of summer and romance, but also innocence, treading a fine line between love and passion, heaven and hell, darkness and light. The smooth tone and alternative-pop production style highlight this lovely contrast. This was made possible with the use of deep bass tones and airy layered background vocals. The acoustic, gentle percussion utilised throughout the song made the song more captivating. The adlibs and airy vocals that backed the whole song made the song more unique.

The song begins with low airy voices that become more intense as the song progresses. Petra stepped in and delivered with her lovely vocals, providing some melodies and harmonies. The song is nicely structured, with the backings and verses occurring at the appropriate periods.

According to Petra, “Summer Dress” came to her as a pleasant and easy summer breeze, and she immediately fell in love with it and the song’s second stanza is the greatest she’s ever written.

“Summer Dress” was produced by Petra herself at her home studio also home to her production company “Petrafield”

Summer Dress is sure to put you in the mood with it calm and smooth feel.

Enjoy on Spotify below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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