Podge Lane’s Winter Wonderland: Exploring the Double A-Side Release “Snow / Hailstone”


Podge Lane returns with a double A-side release, titled “Snow / Hailstone,” in which he expresses his appreciation for the winter season and talks about the colder days that have arrived.

The songs include “Snow” and “Hailstone” and in these songs, Lane uses his cherished alt-country musical approach in a skilled manner to represent the interaction between the promise and hopelessness that is inherent in the winter months. Indeed, regardless of whether you are looking for music with a winter theme or not, you will be able to find something that is suitable for your preferences because ‘Snow’ and ‘Hailstone’ offer a musical trip that is very different from one another throughout.

This creation came about when Lane had the idea of creating a song that talks about both the joy and the tension that winter brings in two different tracks.

In the song “Snow,” Podge Lane creates a vibe that is both melodious and moving through the use of country balladry with the soft plucking of the banjo.  “Snow” conveys a sense of tranquility, bringing to mind the carefree days of youth, when everything else seems to slip away and you are able to simply observe and take pleasure in the snowfall. What I admire most about this track is how Lane utilised his vocals. His pitching and vocal range was so spot on.

In “Hailstones,” he presents a new style and  he does this by using jangling, metallic rhythms produced by the resonator guitar in order to evoke the sensation of hailstones that are frozen. These songs, which feature diverse styles, are able to portray the feelings and contrasts that are associated with the winter season. ‘Hailstone’ captures the experience of getting older and encountering unexpected challenges, much like hailstones that appear out of nowhere and destroy your plans, forcing you to seek shelter and avoid getting caught in the storm. The breaks in this song did it all for me.

Though all the songs has the same beat rhythm per my perspective and are similar but there are some things that makes the differences, especially with Lane’s delivery on each song, he created different melodies with his melody making each song sound unique in their own way.

Enjoy below.



Written by
Barbie Edonia


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