Pop Artist Jay Max Ready To Move The Masses With New Release “Standing Still” Out Now


NYC based pop artist, Jay Max, has a penchant for delivering infectious melodies and relatable narratives with a unique vocal timbre that can be immediately recognized as his own. Jay Max utilizes modern production adorned with live instruments and layered with delicate melodies, creating an idiosyncratic sonic quality.

His first year on Spotify garnered almost 22K streams from 14K+ listeners across 128 countries and his music was featured on notable Playlists such as Pride Chill Hits and in blogs like Eolor. From getting his start as a teenager performing at iconic off-Broadway venues to a recent Emmy nomination, Jay Max’s talents have earned him an impressive list of achievements, especially as a songwriter.

He has reached the Billboard charts twice and co-written songs that have been heard by millions around the world in shows like Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, and Blaze and the Monster Machines as well as on networks such asL ifetime, MTV, Logo, and A&E.

Max’s newest release, Standing Still, is sure to swiftly take its spot at the top of the list.
Produced by hit-maker Kiyanu Kim who most notably worked with Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, and Katy Perry, the song captures the desire to freeze time in an effort to preserve a love that withstands the challenges of the distance created between it.

Max notes, “There was a time when a physical distance came between myself and a serious relationship I was in. That ended up growing into an emotional space that I didn’t know how to bridge, although I felt our connection was strong enough to overcome it. That’s why there is both a sadness and hopeful quality to the vocal performance and melody. There is that dichotomy also in the lyrics — the passion of the sun that is in a constant state of fiery dance and the coldness of the moon which is an object that appears almost frozen in place, like a
memory. It was in this battle against the inevitable pull of entropy in the face of a love that felt unbreakable that the song was born.”

Standing still is the sonically cinematic soundtrack to our lives we won’t be able to get enough of from first-listen to first -glimpse of the forthcoming music video.

Stream ‘Standing still’ below


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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