Popkanon Pays Tribute to the Tragic Hurum Air Disaster of 1949 with “Tel Aviv Station”


As a somber remembrance, Popkanon presents “Tel Aviv Station,” a moving ode to the tragic plane disaster that occurred in Oslo, Norway, in 1949, killing 34 people. The story of the song takes place on an interrailing train across Europe, where a tragic event quickly overshadows a couple’s budding romance.

Tragically, a DC-3 Aero Holland plane carrying Jewish children from northern Africa to Israel was implicated in the event. Heavy fog forced the jet to fly at a lower altitude as it was scheduled to pass through Norway. A tragic crash into a mountain ensued after one of its wings came into contact with a tree. The tragic result was the death of thirty-four people, including twenty-seven children, and the remarkable survival of a single individual. Composed in November 1949, “Tel Aviv Station” pays respectful tribute to all individuals impacted by this tragic tragedy.

The track features a collaboration with R&B singer “NEF,” whose powerful and emotionally charged voice enhances the tune, and was written by the Norwegian songwriting team Popkanon. An indie pop song with folk, country, and blues influences was born from their collaboration. Members of the Norwegian band “Skogen,” including harmonica player Knut Van Der Wel, were responsible for the sad and bluesy sections. Incorporating instruments like the jaw harp into the song’s mixing and mastering was award-winning sound engineer Slavic Livins of Chicago, USA.

The song is a one-of-a-kind and captivating musical experience because Popkanon showcases their narrative skills by combining a tragic historical event with a fictional love story. A playlist curator from the UAE named Murx Ron puts it well when he calls it “a vehicle for storytelling,” highlighting the song’s capacity to touch listeners on a personal and societal level.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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