Presenting “Luna y Sol” By Lowa OD


At just 21 years old, Lowa OD has emerged as a dynamic force in the Latin music industry, captivating audiences across Central/South America and Europe with his infectious sound. Following the success of his summer anthem, “Ayayai,” which garnered millions of streams and over 200k sound uses on social media, Lowa OD is set to release another chart-topper, “Luna y Sol,” along with a visually stunning music video on Friday, December 8th.

Born Lowadel Olivares Dominguez, the artist has swiftly risen to prominence, earning a reputation for his unique blend of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, creative pop melodies, and distinctive vocal inflections. “Luna y Sol” promises to be no exception, with its catchy chorus, “Ella se llama, Luna apellido sol,” poised to become yet another catchphrase coined by the rising star.

The song’s infectious Spanish guitar melody and tropical instrumentation transport listeners to a Caribbean paradise, offering a sonic escape that resonates with fans not only in Spain but around the globe. Lowa OD’s smooth vocals complement the upbeat energy of “Luna y Sol,” while the lyrics weave a narrative of young love and adventure, making it the perfect soundtrack for the transition from the vibrant summer months to the more ambient sounds of fall.

Lowa OD’s rapid ascent in the industry is evident not only in his chart-topping releases but also in his growing social media following, which now boasts over 700,000 followers globally. DJs worldwide are spinning his tracks in clubs and venues, and fans eagerly await each new release, a testament to the artist’s magnetic presence and evolving musical catalog.

With “Luna y Sol,” Lowa OD continues to solidify his position as a rising star with a unique and infectious sound. The track adds another smash hit to his already impressive repertoire, ensuring that his contagious energy and one-of-a-kind musical style will continue to make waves and leave a lasting impact on the Latin music industry. As the artist gears up for the release, anticipation is high, and it’s clear that Lowa OD is on a trajectory to become a major player in the global music scene.

Stream on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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