Presenting “Sugadaddi”: Natasha Rumbos’ Joyous Ode to Life’s Luxuries with a Twist of Humor


Natasha Rumbos delights her fans with the new single Sugadaddi; a joyful and catchy song celebrating life’s vices, but this time under humorous overtones. With the help of dembow beats, Latin rhythms and reggaeton vibes based on her personal life where she had a friend with sugar daddy Rumbos manages to combine all this in one sound that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Starting from the first note, Sugadaddi has a happy beat and an exciting rhythm that lays down for musical journey. The vocals of Rumbos are not only elegant but also funny in an unconventional manner for this kind; they make the track a one-of-a-kind due to her charm despite restrained voice. What made me love this song most is Rumbos energy on the beat.

The instrumentation is very good in this song, the drumming is great and there are some rather decent synth elements that add a lot of depth to sound. The layers of sound are so intertwined that they appear as one, creating an elaborate sonic realm to be revealed. Either it is the rhythm of foot tapping or whimsy, which lingers in mind for a long time even after music dies “Sugadaddi” remains with minds.

In conclusion, “Sugadaddi” portrays Rumbos as an artist who draws upon Latin rhythms and urban themes to produce a contemporary yet timeless sound. The song’s catchy hooks, liveliness of the lyrics and infectious groove make it an ideal dancefloor or playlist anywhere tune that takes listeners into a world of riches.

Stream below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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