Presenting the Latest EP from Dirty Mitts: “Hands Off”


The four-piece band named Dirty Mitts has released a brand new EP titled “Hands Off.”

The project is an EP with five songs all in the Rock genre. The songs mix classic rock and hard rock styles to make a very different body of work. The first track on the Ep is titled ‘You Better Run!”(villians theme) followed by “My Show,” “Ball and Chain,” “Women” and “Ride The Storm.”

They brought so much energy, explosive drums, and gritty vocals to the table and delivered a consistent, robust and adrenaline-charged performance on the Ep. The creative members of the band including Tommy on vocals, Matt on bass, Mo on guitar, and Mateusz rocking the drums came together with a shared vision to make music that pays tribute to the rock music greats; hence this EP and they were inspired by their own experiences and skills. The rhythm of the guitar played by Mo on all songs are amazing, and Tommy’s vocals are very clean lyrically and forceful throughout the entire songs. The drums and bass played are quite tight, which gives the band a sound that is similar to arena rock. The sound on each track is dense and huge, with excellent instrument separation and a unified theme across the overall production.

“Hands Off” has a unique sound that blends bluesy undertones with vintage vibes and infectious energy that will push listeners to dance to the electrifying sound the tracks offers. The latest track, “Ride the Storm,” is the crown jewel of the EP and It spells out words of motivation and determination, and together with the other tracks has the qualities to resonate with music lovers.

Stream the EP below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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